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Welcome to the Luna Common Desktop, the new shell for Windows that brings your PC to simplicity. Experience the best; experience the Luna Common Desktop.


Safe and Easy Navigation

The Luna Common Desktop provides an easy-to-use interface that is not only customizable, but safe and failproof as well.

  • Intuitive, minimalistic, free.
    • The Luna Common Desktop provides a very familiar interface of Microsoft Windows 9x to make your experience easy. With the Minimalist's Menu, accessing your programs has never been so easy.
  • Safe from the Start.
    • The Luna Common Desktop includes Chrysalis Security, a new security system that provides a secure and safe experience while using the desktop.
  • Make it yours.
    • When you start using the Luna Common Desktop, you'll get the instant look and feel of Microsoft's Cortana assistant, ready to help you. However, that's not all; with the Celestia Customizer, customizing your desktop has never been so awesome.


Unlock the Possibilities

The Luna Common Desktop allows you to unlock all sorts of possibilities for your PC.

  • Portable means lovable
    • The Luna Common Desktop has been designed so it can be carried with you anywhere. No installation is necessary.
  • Built-in media player technology
    • With the Cadenza Media Player, you can play your favorite media files ranging from photos to music instantly.


Best for Business

The Luna Common Desktop provides many features that will make its use in businesses ideal.

  • User account system
    • The Luna Common Desktop uses a multi-account system that allows users to switch between accounts for easy personalization.
  • Access to your apps instantly
    • The Luna Common Desktop includes a new program called Sunset System Services that adds shortcuts in the app launcher that links to services like Google Apps, Zimbra, ONLYOFFFICE, Office 365, Zoho Apps, and much more. 
  • Make it fit your needs
    • Because of its open-source nature, you can build the Luna Common Desktop to fit your business needs.


Ready to Assist You

The Luna Common Desktop has many ways for you to get help and support.

  • Meet Luna, your Equestrian Cortana
    • With the new Luna Common Desktop assistant Luna, finding what you need to get done is easy. Think of it as the one who served Clippy's original purpose, but is less annoying.
  • Help Center right there for you
    • The Help Center application allows you to find help right from the Luna Common Desktop website at the push of a button.
  • Send feedback to us
    • A new feedback system allows you to communicate with us and send your feedback and suggestions to us. Courtesy of Google Forms.

To go through the tutorials, navigate to the main documentation page and click "Tutorials".

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