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Development for the Luna Common Desktop

The Luna Common Desktop is a Visual Basic based shell and can be modified in Visual Basic 2010 Express.


Instructions on Compilation:

  1. Make sure all forms are saved before debugging.
  2. Click the little 'Play' button or hit 'Start Debugging' under the Debug menu.
  3. The files will go to the \bin\Debug folder.

Developer's Key

The developer's key is being used as an alternative to the username/password login system. It consists 25 characters, similar to a Microsoft product key. In the event that you download the beta file itself (no source code) and don't know the username and password, you can use the devloper's key. When you enter the developer's key, you MUST enter the dashes as well. The key is different with each release.


Please note that any build earlier than 3118 does not include a product key.

Build 3118: GTY34-NT463-B253F-59ACR-GKT2Q


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